Our School

Thank you for thinking of sending your child to Gorran School.

Gorran School is a vibrant, active and happy primary school which fosters high individual standards in a caring, family atmosphere. We work hard to ensure that all our children are guided towards their potential in an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect.

An important part of this process is the relationship that we have with our parents. We have an open door policy for all parents and prospective parents or guardians, to come in and discuss anything that concerns you about your child. We have found that good communication in both directions is the key to a successful relationship.

an introduction to Gorran

Our caring ethos is also reflected in the activities that we take part in: for example we place a strong emphasis on our environment and try to do our part to care for it. We take part in the National Trust Guardianship scheme which involves the children in a very practical way of looking after our countryside.

We are fortunate to have the local Pre-School group on our grounds. This is an ideal situation as the pre-schoolers have plenty of opportunity to mix with the older children and meet the teachers before starting school. At the other end of the school, there are good transition arrangements with the Roseland Community College, our feeder secondary school.

We feel that we have a very special school at Gorran, and would be pleased to welcome you and your family to our community.