History and Current Buildings

Gorran School is situated on the higher land midway between the beautiful villages of Gorran Churchtown and Gorran Haven. It is set within walking distance of both, in picturesque countryside, with excellent views to all sides, including to the coast. There has been a school on this site for many years, although the original “Schoolhouse in the Wind” was burnt down in 1967.

The school has three classrooms in the main building, situated around a central hall. The classrooms are large, bright areas that are well resourced. Our fourth classroom is in an Elliott building which is shared by the independent Pre-school.

The school is fortunate enough to have its own kitchen on site with the children eating their freshly prepared School Dinnersmeals in the hall.

Externally, we have two playgrounds, a large playing field with pond area and sensory garden, and an outdoor swimming pool – a tremendous resource that is used daily in the warmer months.

We also have a raised garden area and areas that provide shelter from the elements and allow the children to be outside as much as possible.Buildings