The school is very fortunate to have a professional pre-school group on the premises, which provides a good academic and pastoral environment for our children.  The pre-school group and the school work closely together to provide an excellent start for your child’s education.


The pre-school offers an inclusive and welcoming service to all children.  The setting is stimulating with bright colours and extensive displays, and the staff encourage the children to develop towards their full potential in an environment which:

  • Strives for the highest standards of care
  • Implements the early years foundation stage  through a predominantly play based curriculum
  • Highly values the children’s social development
  • Encourages mutual respect and trust
  • Promotes warm and caring relationships
  • Develops high self esteem
  • Is characterised by a calm and caring atmosphere

With the added benefit of the pre-school setting being utilised by a baby group, the children are often familiar with our school surroundings from a very young age.  The pre-school children are invited to join our school children for lunches, mixed play in the school playing fields after lunch, and they also have access to the school’s swimming pool.

We work together to provide a seamless transition for the pre-school children who are moving up to school in the following academic year, which leaves the children feeling enthusiastic about their impending start to school life, and provides reassurance for the parents.  The community ethos this creates is invaluable.

We greatly value all the pre-school group’s input and commitment and, together, we believe that we provide a comprehensive service that is of a very high standard and is delivered in an exceptionally caring and professional way. The pre-school has its own website with more information – click here

Pre-School Leader: Michelle Beard